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Navigating Federal Drug Charges: Legal Insights and Advice 

When the federal government is involved in the investigation and prosecution of a drug crime, you can rest assured that significant resources and manpower will be dedicated to the case and that the defendant faces harsh penalties if convicted. If you are under investigation for federal drug crimes or are facing federal drug charges, you…

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Understanding Federal Sentencing Guidelines

The United States operates under a federalist form of government, meaning we have a strong central government along with semi-autonomous state governments. This also means we have both a federal judicial system and individual state judicial systems. If you are prosecuted and convicted of a crime by the U.S. federal government, you will be sentenced…

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Is insider trading a felony in Las Vegas, Nevada

Insider Trading: When Is It Considered a Felony?

If you received a target letter from the Department of Justice, or you have another reason to believe you are a suspect in an insider trading investigation, you need to take the allegations and the situation seriously. You may think of insider trading as a relatively harmless crime. You may even wonder if insider trading…

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Mail and Wire Fraud: Defending Against Federal Allegations

Close-up Of A Postman’s Hand Putting Letters In Mailbox Mail and wire fraud are federal criminal offenses that fall under the category of offenses commonly referred to as “white collar” crimes. Although white collar crimes are non-violent, financially motivated crimes, mail and wire fraud are serious offenses for which you can be sentenced to a…

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