Los Angeles is one of the leading cities in the world.  With a population of nearly 4 million people, it’s the nerve center of America’s entertainment industry.  With one of the premier FBI offices in the country, the FBI’s LA Field Office is at the forefront of investigating federal criminal activities in Los Angeles and the  surrounding communities of southern California. 

While the FBI has historically been the dominant federal law enforcement agency in Los Angeles, today there are scores of agents working for other agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), the Treasury Department’s Secret Service and the United States Postal Service Inspection Service among others. 

With an alphabet soup of federal agencies with unlimited resources to build a federal case against the average person, the federal government has more power today than at any point in its history.  If you’re facing a federal investigation or criminal charges, you need to level the playing field.    

Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys In LA With Experience That Counts

When you get The Federal Defenders on your team, you get the following:

●       More than 100 years law enforcement experience

●       More than 50 plus years prosecution experience with the United States Department of Justice, including attorneys that worked in DOJ headquarters in Washington, D.C.

●       Former FBI Agents with decades of investigative experience ready to help you

●       Thorough understanding of the Justice Manual (formerly known as the United States Attorney’s Manual) that guides all federal prosecutions

●       “Insiders knowledge” of how federal criminal cases are built and ultimately brought in federal court

 ●      Decades of federal litigation experience in high-stakes cases

●       Graduates of top schools.  Michael A. Humphreys attended the University of Michigan while Paul S. Padda graduated from the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois College of Law

Trial Attorneys That Understand What It Takes To Win In

Federal Court In Los Angeles

Federal courts across the United States apply the same procedural rules and criminal statutes.  And, every federal court must adhere to the United States Constitution.  In LA, the United States District Court for the Central District of California is no different.  The federal judges appointed to “the bench” in Los Angeles are men and women with impressive backgrounds who respect lawyers that are prepared for court by knowing both the facts and law pertaining to a client’s case. 

Speaking with your lawyer in LA

At The Federal Defenders, we have a team that understands what it takes to win in federal court, including at trial.  We understand that the best defense is understanding the intricacies of each client’s circumstances and case and applying the judgment and skill to press for the best possible outcome.  Sometimes that means taking a case to trial. 

When that’s what’s required, we know how to thoroughly prepare and present evidence in a manner that puts the client in a competitive position.  Any lawyer that tells you that he or she can guarantee a victory is a lawyer you should avoid.  However, what we can guarantee you is that we have the experience, education and skills to give you a five-star defense. 

This means thoroughly preparing to effectively cross-examine government witnesses,  presenting a defense in a compelling and persuasive manner to a jury, staying on top of the latest developments in the law and earning the respect of federal judges by being thoroughly prepared to press a client’s case in an effective and efficient manner.  Whether you’re facing charges in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Orange County, Santa Ana, San Bernardino, or Riverside, we can help. 

LA Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers That Are Skilled At Handling Conspiracy Cases

Conspiracy is one of the favorite types of criminal charges that federal prosecutors like to bring against individuals.  At The Federal Defenders, we know how to defend against charges of conspiracy.  Many times, people who are charged with the federal crime of conspiracy are shocked because they did not think that they committed a crime and are often left scratching their head wondering how they can be accused of a federal offense.  The first thing to understand is that federal crimes are written in very broad terms in order to giver prosecutors the ability to target people for a wide variety of conduct.  The conspiracy charge is a good example of this.  The United States Attorney for Los Angeles will sometimes bring this charge in order to pressure people to cooperate.  Don’t be intimidated.  Get strong lawyers in your corner.      

If you’ve been charged with conspiracy, understand that the “crime” is not the intended act but the “agreement” you allegedly reached to commit the act (which also requires proof of some overt act in furtherance of the agreement).  Defending a conspiracy charge requires a thorough understanding of the facts of a particular case and the applicable case law.  It also requires attorneys that know how to creatively assess the facts being alleged by the government and turn them to a client’s favor. 

If you’re facing conspiracy charges or you’ve been charged with the crime of conspiracy, call The Federal Defendants immediately at (800) 712-0000.  We know how to defend against this charge and we know what it takes to win. 

Los Angeles Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers That Are Skilled At Handling Drug Crimes

Drug crime cases are no longer just confined to the controlled substances people most commonly think of when they think of a drug crime – marijuana and cocaine.  Instead, the federal authorities have stepped up cases involving opioids and even physicians who prescribe them. 

If you’re facing a drug crime, you need lawyers on your side that understand the intricacies of the law.  Whether the charges involve trafficking, manufacturing, distribution, possession or conspiracy, The Federal Defenders can help.  Our attorneys have decades of experience handling these cases from both the government prosecution and defense side. 

LA Lawyers are here to represent you at the Federal Defenders

LA Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers That Know How To Defend Charges Of Mail & Wire Fraud

Many clients are confused by the terms mail and wire fraud.  The charges have nothing to do with defrauding the post office or wiring money in a fraudulent manner.  Like the charge of conspiracy which federal prosecutors love, mail and wire fraud are very broadly written crimes that encompass all kinds of conduct which prosecutors can target for prosecution. 

At the most basic level, a charge of mail fraud simply means a person being prosecuted used the mail to perpetrate a larger fraud of some kind.  The use of the mail is an element of the crime but is not a crime by itself.  The crime is a larger scheme to defraud in which the mails were simply utilized to facilitate the fraud.  The same holds for wire fraud.  An element of the crime is use of the “wires” which encompasses everything from television to the internet.  In other words, some electronic device or process was used to facilitate the fraud. 

If you’re facing mail or wire fraud, you need attorneys that understand how to defend against these crimes.  At The Federal Defenders, we have former federal prosecutors and FBI agents that fully understand the nature of this type of crime who can help you. 

LA Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers That Have The Experience To Defend Against Tax Charges

Helping People In Need The Federal Defenders

Tax crimes are serious and also fairly easy to prove.  Whether you’re facing charges for willfully failing to file a tax return or evading the payment of taxes, these are never charges to handle lightly.  Being proactive at the outset of the government’s investigation can make a huge difference.  At The Federal Defenders we have a team that is very well versed in these types of cases that can help defend you. 

Paul Padda saved my life and my career.  I was accused by the IRS of failing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes and was threatened with prosecution.  Even being indicted would have destroyed my professional reputation and law practice.  Hiring Paul was the best decision of my life.  He convinced the authorities to drop the charges on terms very favorable to me.  I will be forever indebted to Paul and his team.”

                                                                                      Former Client

If you’re facing accusations from the IRS and the Department of Justice regarding failure to pay taxes, you need a strong advocate in your corner.  Remember, it was taxes that brought down Al Capone.  If you’re facing tax charges, call us today at (800) 712-000. 

LA Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers That Understand How To Defend Public Corruption Cases

There is no single public corruption crime in the federal system.  Rather, public corruption is prosecuted under a number of different federal statutes.  Public corruption cases are by definition high-profile cases involving a number of sensitive issues given that the defendants in these cases are either elected officials or government employees.  At The Federal Defenders, we have the experience, knowledge and judgment to defend these types of cases.  We understand and appreciate what’s at stake for our clients and everything we do from the time we get retained is to put our clients in the best possible position.  If you’re facing charges alleging deprivation of honest services, program fraud, mail or wire fraud, conspiracy, Travel Act violations or bribery, you need to get us on your team.  We can help.       

 The Federal Defenders Get Results

It goes without saying that there are few guarantees in life.  And every case is unique in its own right based on the specific facts.  However, at The Federal Defenders we’re proud of our record of success for our clients.  Take a look here for yourself.  We can never guarantee you a particular result but we can promise you that if you get us on your team, we’ll do everything within our abilities to help you by presenting you with a 5-star defense. 

This means fully understanding the facts of your case, understanding the law applicable to your case, crafting a strategy for success and working with you to achieve a positive outcome.  And when it comes to trial, you can rest assured you’ll have a team that understands how to talk to and argue before a jury.   

If you’re facing a federal investigation or prosecution, call us toll free today at  (800) 712-000 for a free and confidential consultation.  During the initial consultation, you’ll speak directly with an attorney after one of our intake specialists gathers some basic information. 

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