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Every case and situation is unique and, therefore, reviews obtained in one case are not a guarantee for future cases nor should they be relied upon as such. Having said that, here's a sample of our record:


Healthcare Fraud

Charges:Client Charged with healthcare fraud by authorities. Allegations involve bribe to physicians for patient referrals.

Result: Pretrial Diversion. All charges eventually dropped.

drug crimes

Charges:Client facing up to 20 years for charges relating to possession and intent to distribute a controlled substance.

Result: Probation

Healthcare Fraud

Charges:Physician alleged to have violated kickback laws and other healthcare laws.

Result: Convinced federal prosecutors to decline formal charges.

Mail and wire Fraud

Charges:Client alleged to be part of a conspiracy to commit investment fraud through use of mail and wires.

Result: Federal prosecutors threatened prosecution unless client accepts plea deal. after several meetings, all charges abandoned.

Firearm Crimes

Charges:Client, an ex-felon, charged with illegal possession of firearms in furtherance of  drug trafficking crimes and related offenses.

Result: Client facing more than 5 years in prison sentenced to only 16 months with credit time served.


Charges:Client charged with conspiracy to commit investment fraud.

Result: Client charged with opens in a new windowConspiracy to commit investment fraud.

identity theft

Charges:Client, an employee of a medical office, charged with misappropriating personal identifiers and engaging in identity theft.

Result: all charges dropped after presentation to federal prosecutors.

violation of supervised release

Charges:Client alleged to have violated terms of supervised release.

Result: judge found in favor of client. no violation.

tax charges

Charges:Client, a prominent attorney, accused of tax fraud by the IRS and failing to pay several years of taxes.  

Result: all charges declined after protracted discussions. client paid taxes owed. no criminal charges pursued.

drug charges

Charges:Client charged as part of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances.

Result: although facing a decade in prison, client sentenced to 3 years.

Process Crimes

Charges:Client charged with lying on government form in order to obtain a benefit.

Result: Charges Abandoned.

mortgage fraud

Charges:Client charged with mortgage fraud based upon false statements on loan application.

Outcome: no jail time.